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My name is David Robinson, and with a name like mine; I'm destined to work in sports. I am recent graduate of Oakwood University with a BA in Communications and a Minor in English. I love watching the NBA but I love all sports in general. As long as there is a spirit of competition involved, I'm there.
I started this site with hopes of beginning my dream of becoming a sports writer. Whether it be part-time or full-time, I feel that what I have to say on sports is worthy of being paid for, so here's to the dream.



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posted on 12/04/2008

I'm sorry, but I've moved guys...  http://bleacherreport.com/users/70470-David-Robinson 

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Lakers vs. Kings 2008 posted on 11/24/2008

(Triple-Threat: Dribble)

As predicted, the Lakers beat the Kings last night 118-108. 

Although the Lakers did commit 18 turnovers, five of which belonged to Andrew Bynum, they came through with the game on the line. The Kings trailed by as many as 19 points before Bobby Jackson helped put together a 21-6 run. However, when you have the ultimate closer in Bryant, there's never really need to worry. With 6:17 left in the fourth, the Lakers took control and the young Kings' hopes were shot. 

“I’m not happy with this win. We could have played much more solid defensively,” Bryant said. 

Bryant wasn't the only one who thought the Lakers could've played better.

“I thought we were poor, defensively,” coach Phil Jackson said after watching Sacramento shoot 53.4 percent against his team.

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Lakers vs. Nuggets 2008 posted on 11/23/2008


It seems as if the Lakers are on cloud nine right now. What is LA's MVP guard thinking about. Is he thinking about how they just demolished the Nuggets on Friday? The scoreboard only says that they won by 14, but Carmelo Anthony's FG% exposes the Nuggets. Anthony shot 5-19 including 0-3 from beyond the arc. The Lakers smothered him on defense. They realized that Anthony is Denver's energy. Phil Jackson had this to say about the strategy used:

"We focused on not giving him open opportunities, getting a body on him when he gets the basketball, turning him to the baseline a lot of times and trying to keep him from the middle so he couldn’t penetrate,” Jackson said. “Vlade (Radmanovic) did a good job on him and I thought guys focused on him and knew where he was.”

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Lakers vs. Bulls (Welcome Home Phil) posted on 11/19/2008

“We wanted to go inside, and we did,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. “We just kept rolling. We had a size advantage.” 

64 points in paint? Yea, they had a size advantage but wow! One thing is clear; the Bulls need better interior defenders. The usually soft-looking Gasol had 34 on the night. The Lakers really didn't have to worry because they had too many stars on their side. Kobe only had 21 but looked as if he were out at the Rucker rather than an NBA  season game. With behind-the-back passes, fancy dribbling, and his nonchalant attitude, the Lakers easily cruised to a 116-109 win. 

Derrick Rose was the only bright spot for the Bulls who scored 25 points and had nine assists on 11-18 shooting. This kid can really shoot the jumper. So now that they have an established guard, the Bulls should look towards getting rid of two or three of their guards on that team. Maybe Hinrich or Gordon. Anyway, back to the Lakers.

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Lakers vs. Pistons (I'm so late) posted on 11/18/2008

Man, I'm still getting acclimated to my new job and the limited internet time that I have.

Not much to say on the Pistons/Lakers game except tough luck. I never really read what happened, but I know that the Pistons built an early 20 pt lead in the 3rd and the Lakers never recovered. I think that it was a match-up problem with Gasol and Wallace. Gasol can't guard Wallace on the outside and I think Wallace knew that. He had 25 points and 13 rebounds and shot 4-9 from beyond the arc. Well, at least Gasol knows what to expect now. I hope that the next match-up shows better results.

Tonight they play the Bulls and I expect a win. The Bulls don't really have and leadership so they should be easy to pick apart. For one, they have no one to guard Kobe Bryant and two, the Lakers have too much height and athleticism to lose this game. 

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