Top Basketball Betting Tips

January 05, 2011

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Top Basketball Betting Tips

Basketball betting is not quite as common as betting on some other sports, but if you do your research, take your time and keep accurate records, there’s no reason you can’t be as successful at betting on basketball as betting on anything else. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Top Basketball Betting Tip: NCAA vs. NBA

Of course you are welcome to bet both college and pro basketball (including the WNBA), like placing your bets in online video poker games, you need to be aware that each type of basketball may have very different factors in play. In college basketball, every game counts, whereas pro teams can afford to drop a few games here and there and still have a great shot at the championship. There may be a much larger disparity between two competing college teams. Know the league you’re betting.

Top Basketball Betting Tip: Point Spread vs. Money Line

Except in certain special cases, you’re usually betting off playing the money line than a point spread. Just like getting the best online casino bonus, in basketball, the size of a team’s victory is not always indicative of the strength of that team. Multiple fouls at the end of the game can allow the leading team to tack on points if they make their free throws so that two evenly matched teams produce a winner that can cover a big spread. A team with a big lead may let the opponent catch up by putting in weaker players during “garbage time” so that a badly overmatched team appears to make a game close by the end.

Top Basketball Betting Tip: Favorite vs. Underdog

It’s hard to know whether to bet the favorite or the underdog, so some basketball bettors choose to do both. In “middling,” gamblers try to find two different point spreads for the same game and bet both sides. If the spread lands in the middle, the bettor scores a big victory, while if it doesn’t, his bets offset so he only loses the “juice” the sportsbook charges on losing bets. He can even weight the middling bet towards one side so that if he doesn’t make the middle but the weighted team wins, even the juice is covered.

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