All Hail, Washington Redskins Fans!

December 05, 2008

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All Hail, Washington Redskins Fans!

Here at, we eat, sleep, and BREATHE the Washington Redskins. We don’t just watch the games, we live for them.  We don’t just cheer for them, our days and moods revolve around them.  And above all, we BLEED burgundy and gold.
These original die hard Redskins fans, Warren Montgomery, SkinslovalindS and DJ Blitz, took it upon themselves to create an online community where they could speak their minds about our beloved franchise in D.C. And thus, All Hail came about. We’ve taken on two new writers and are always looking for others to help our site gain ground in the wonderful word of blogs and to be recognized as a legitimate site for Redskins news.
But don’t go thinking we only blog about the Skins here. From NFL News, to the NFC East, to Fantasy Football, and anything else related, you can satisfy your football-obsessed needs with us at  We not only appreciate but encourage our reader’s feedback and look very forward to interacting with our readers.  Because where better to be speak your mind than among those who have the same passion and appreciation for the Redskins as you?
On our site you can find different photo galleries, videos, interactive polls, links to your other favorite Redskins blogs and sites, a special tribute page to Sean Taylor and anything else Redskins related that we could find.  Not to mention, some of the best writers a Skins fan could ask for!
So when you’re googling Redskins info, stats, history, and so on, don’t forget to add to your list of sites to check out. If you want it, we got it!
Because the Washington Redskins aren’t just team- at All Hail, they’re a lifestyle.

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