Seattle Sports Fans: We'll Help You Through Tough Times

November 24, 2008

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Seattle Sports Fans: We'll Help You Through Tough Times

Even though this has been a "down-year" in all things having to do with Seattle Sports, there is a group of dedicated writers looking to provide reasons and answers for our terribly under performing teams.

SeaTown Sports ( is an independent sports blog that is dedicated to providing up-to-date analysis and news of sports happenings in Seattle. We focus on the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners, and Washington Husky Sports. We also include insight on high school sports around the Seattle area.

As avid sports fans, me and my friends often discussed, argued, debated, and sometimes fought over things relating to Seattle sports. We decided to take this passion and put it into this blog. While we continue to enjoy, play, and watch sports we hope to share this passion with you, the reader, on this blog.

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  1. I can feel your pain.  Well its probably not as bad as yours but the past 2 years my panthers haven't been all that great but it hasn't been below a .500 W-L average.  I think Holmgren can't wait to get out and with that mindset how can you take being a head coach seriously.  We'll see what happens with the new coach next year and as for this year, well I'd try to write it off as quickly as possible and look to next year with a healthy Hasselback and maybe a couple of top round picks to challenge the Cardinals for the division. 

    As far as the Mariners are conserned, I don't know. LOL.  I think everyone was surprised by their performance this year especially with their pitching staff that was supposed to help the team contend for their division.  Don't know what to tell ya here other than hope for another Ken Griffey Jr. or Arod like prospect to pick the franchise up.

    Good Luck!  I'll be watching my team in the late it the season hopefully put a hurting on the Cardinals for ya in the early rounds of the playoffs.

    Brandon VincentBrandon Vincent on Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 02:12 PST # |

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