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October 28, 2008

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MyTeamRivals - The Dolphin Pod

The Dolphin Pod is the ultimate fan site for the serious fan, written by a true fan.  Do you know all of
Dan Marino’s records by heart?  Are you not liking Brett Farve so much for
breaking them all?  Did you jump for joy when the Giants beat the Patriots
in SuperBowl XLII, preserving the Dolphins as the only team with a perfect
season?  Then this site is for you!  The true fan, who bleeds aqua and
orange.  Sounds painful, I know.  But we are SERIOUS about this team!

The Dolphin Pod provides up to date information, entertaining commentary,
game highlights, photos and more.  Take a photo tour of Dolphins Stadium or
browse through the history files to buff up on your stats; See original
pictures from Dan Marino’s Hall of Fame Enshrinement and much more!  Fan
participation is encouraged and all topics are open for discussion in the
“comments” section of each article.

Here at The Dolphin Pod, we are a community site which is part of the network: The ultimate
site for insight, news, and discussion about your favorite teams and
rivalries. covers nearly every sport and you can even
check in on the Dolphins’ rivals, the Patriots, Bills and Jets while you are there.

Please visit The Dolphin Pod for a unique, fun and informative fan experience.  Go Dolphins!

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