How to Win at NCAA College Basketball Tournament Office Pool

February 14, 2013

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How to Win at NCAA College Basketball Tournament Office Pool

Sport betting has become a huge favorite in the United States, and gambling on NCAA College Basketball is second only to the Super Bowl. Most people prefer to join their office pool and fill a bracket, as that is the most convenient way of betting. You do not have to be an ardent basketball fan or even be an expert to know the odds, as there are many resources available online that can help you increase your chances of winning. Here are few simple tips you can follow, to be a winner.


Start with Background Information


If you are not a fan of basketball, or do not follow the statistical side of the game, it is time you started gathering some background information. First know about the March Madness 2013 schedule, which will give you an idea about where the games are being played and who is hosting them. Ignorance is never an advantage, so develop some knowledge about the game, by gathering information about players, and knowing which coaches are having a good track record.


Logic and Loyalties


If you are a fan of NCCA College Basketball, and have a favorite team you always root for, then do not mix your allegiance with the logical deductions you are developing with the information your gather. It is best to leave loyalties behind when you are betting, and depend on logical reasoning. Do not be biased when you are dealing with facts about players and other factors that are going to influence the game, otherwise you will be reducing your chances of winning.


Research and Study Game Stats


Many things can influence the dynamics of the team and eventually the outcome of a game. Take time to read some statistical information such as three-point shooting, free throws, strength of the offensive, rebound statistics and so on. Pick out teams that are able to play man-to-man defenses, as well as zone defense. These two factors make the team more adaptable to facing challenges from various teams.


Trends and Seeding


Rank of the team or seeding is quite important but you need not rely on it always, as there are quite a few upsets. The first round match ups are always a bit treacherous when you consider the ranks from five to twelve. Use the point system of your bracket wisely for maximizing gains to take advantage of points awarded on initial seeding. However, do not ignore trends and be greedy for higher odds, as sixteenth seed onwards, there are very poor chances of a win. Calculate your risks wisely, as picking a lower seed will decrease your chances quite drastically, unless there are relevant facts supporting your decision.


Expert Opinions


Your will find websites that provide expert advice on the outcome of various games. Study the March Madness betting odds, as that provides some excellent pointers and increases your chances of winning. Most of these expert opinions are available free, and such resources are quite valuable when you do not have the time to do in-depth research on your own. 

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