NBA Mock Draft

June 26, 2012

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NBA Mock Draft

The NBA draft is this week, and beneath Ive got my mock draft for lottery teams, as effectively as some items to think about if your team drafts in the lottery. The Hornets snagged the very first pick, and you could bet your life that they have only one solution at number one. Next year should be a great year for betting on the NBA so don't foget to check out your favorite sports betting sites.

New Orleans Hornets Anthony Davis

This one is simple. Anthony Davis has been compared to Kevin Garnett and Marcus Camby. Some take into account him a combination of the two. Its one of the biggest no brainers in the draft in the last several years. There is no debate. Davis will be essential in New Orleans for years to come.

Charlotte Bobcats Thomas Robinson

Earlier in the season, most believed that Davis former UK teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist would be the consensus number two pick. Even so, after some combine work and a closer appear at what the Bobcats demands, Thomas Robinson has been placed in this spot by most, and he gets my nod as effectively. Robinsons upside is greater than MKGs, and the Bobcats are desperate for some energy on defense. Robinson is coming into a excellent spot for him to develop, and he can replace the black hole that is Tyrus Thomas.

Washington Wizards Bradley Beal

The Wizards are generating some bold moves this offseason, and they may possibly be generating another bold one with picking Beal. Beal may possibly just be a mega sleeper for rookie of the year honors. He is coming into a young and talented team, and he has been compared to Ray Allen. With John Wall breaking down defenses, Beal will be wide open to shoot the rock, which occurs to be his specialty.

Cleveland Cavaliers Harrison Barnes

This is exactly where the choice amongst the aforementioned MKG and UNCs Harrison Barnes come into play, and Im leaning to Barnes. MKG is a talented player, but he is lacking the offensive talent to be the fourth overall pick. The Cavs genuinely require scoring, and Barnes is the superior shooter and scorer. There could also be a possibility of the Cavs trading up with the Bobcats, but those rumors have sizzled out a bit in the last couple of days.

Sacramento Kings Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Whichever player the Cavs make a decision on, the Kings will not be sad at all when the one who didnt get picked falls to them. Kidd-Glichrist would give the Kings a much necessary defensive presence. Even so, this is exactly where the draft will start off to get exciting The Kings have reportedly been in talks with many teams about trading this pick. The Kings are the youngest team in the NBA. They only have one guy more than the age of 30, and they could get a good player in return for the fifth pick.

Portland Trailblazers Andre Drummond

This is nearly a unanimous consensus as effectively, simply because at this point in the draft, the Blazers are in require of a center, and Drummond will be there. Drummond really possibly has the highest upside of any player in the draft, with the exception of Davis. Drummond is 70" tall, and is still only 18. Even even though he has some concerns, playing alongside one of the finest power forwards in LaMarcus Aldridge, he really should be some of what Greg Oden may possibly have been.

Golden State Warriors Traded

The Bay crew could also be searching to trade away their number seven pick, simply because at this point in the draft, the potential of the players requires a slight downgrade. If all goes as planned above, the Warriors would have a choice to make. If this pick isnt traded by draft day, Ill be surprised.

Toronto Raptors Dion Walters

The Raptors could really effectively be the team that trades up to the Warriors number seven slot to pick this guy. If they have a opportunity to get him, and only have to give up a function player or a second round pick, they could. If they dont and the Warriors dont trade their pick, then the Raptors may possibly go with Damian Lillard. They will most most likely trade Jose Calderon, so point guard will be another location of concentrate in Canada this offseason.

Detroit Pistons John Henson

This is another consensus pick for you, and Henson would be a wonderful fit alongside Greg Monroe, and even even though he has some muscle to construct, Hensons defense and shot blocking will be great subsequent to an offensive center.

New Orleans Hornets Traded/Damian Lillard

This pick could really effectively be Lillard, simply because the Hornets require a point guard, but Jarret Jack will be in town for another year, so the Hornets could make a decision to punt the point guard problem down the road for a year. They could also get a point guard in a trade for the number ten pick. A name that may possibly come into play here is Kendall Marshall, but I think Lillard would be the pick if it stays in New Orleans.

This potential trade at ten has a lot to do with regardless of whether or not the couple of teams ahead of them like the Kings and Warriors trade their pick, but if the scenario that each California teams maintain their pick, the odds of this pick getting traded could come running up into relevancy. The Hornets will currently be selling Anthony Davis Hornets jerseys by the time number ten rolls around. There will still be a couple of teams willing to trade up to #ten especially if no picks are traded in the leading nine.

Portland Trailblazers Jeremy Lamb

The Blazers still have Wes Matthews in the two guard hole, but Lamb could give some spark off the bench as the very first guard off the pine. Jamal Crawford gave them completely nothing in that spot last season, so Im certain the Blazers will be searching for a good combo guard, and Lamb is precisely that.

Milwaukee Bucks Meyers Leonard

The big 71 center from Illinois has been soaring up draft boards in the last month, and it looks like he will slide into the Bucks front court really nicely. They just got rid of Andrew Bogut, and whilst Leonard wont bring that sort of influence, he is a talented offensive center, and has the athleticism to turn into a great NBA center.

Phoenix Suns Austin Rivers

I like Doc Rivers son here in this spot, and I think he is just what the physician will order for the Suns. If Steve Nash does leave the Suns, Phoenix will require a guy with Rivers ability set to fill the void. Rivers can shoot and manage the ball effectively. The Suns will also require some star power if Nash does leave.

Houston Rockets Tyler Zeller

To round out the lottery, I have my final consensus pick with Zeller going here at #14 to the Rockets. Houston demands some size, especially after trading Jordan Hill to the Lakers. Zeller isnt really the talent that Leonard is, but he will be a solid NBA center. He is a 4 year college player, and that indicates some thing in todays NBA to have a 22-year old rookie.

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