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December 14, 2012

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Three sides are clear favourites to take this year’s NBA Championship. These are Miami Heat, priced at 9/5; Los Angeles Lakers priced at 9/2; and Oklahoma City Thunder with odds of 5/1. After these there is quite a jump to the first underdog, San Antonio Spurs, which are priced at 14/1.

The current NBA Champions Miami Heat have yet to lose a home game this season, though they did come perilously near to doing so in their latest home match on 24 November against Cleveland Cavaliers. With just two minutes of play remaining Miami Heat were trailing by seven points. In a last minute effort they came home and won the game 110 to 108. 

If you are new to betting on basketball, then in you have any experience in football betting, you will find that it is very similar. The nature of basketball lends itself to spread betting. 

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