Super Bowl XLIII Prediction

January 31, 2009

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Super Bowl XLIII Prediction

After two weeks of so-called experts and reporters breaking down each team's strengths and weaknesses and what Kurt Warner's favorite food is and what Big Ben likes in music and dislikes's nice to have the game just a mere 24+ hours away. I do like the hype to an extent, but once you hit Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Super Bowl're ready for the game!

So the stage is set: The flashy Arizona Cardinals (yes the Arizona Cardinals!) take on the tough and rigid Pittsburgh Steelers defense (ranked first in the National Football League). They say 'Defense Wins Championships' which has proven correct a lot in the past, but I have a little hunch. The best defense or the best team doesn't always win the big game. Just check last year's Super Bowl. The undefeated New England Patriots were upset by the New York Giants. How? By one VERY lucky catch by Giants' receiver David Tyree. The whole Patriots season without a single loss faded without any gold due to a single catch. You can't script that. You also can't script a 8-7 Arizona Cardinals team looking putrid losing 47-7 in the ice and snow in Foxboro and then winning every week after that (including the post season) to get to the grandest stage in the NFL (maybe in all of sports). I've said it before on this blog and I'll probably say it again next season, you just can't predict what will happen in the NFL nowadays from week to week.

Kurt Warner...the 37 year old maestro of the Cardinals offense. Ben Roethlisberger...the 26 year old out of Miami of Ohio University. Both men both already with a Super Bowl win under their respected belts. What quarterback will walk out of Raymond James Stadium with dos? Reporters are breaking down the game left and right, but I'll tell you my prediction right now followed by 4 simple reasons to explain my reasoning.

My Super Bowl XLIII Prediction:
Arizona Cardinals 31 Pittsburgh Steelers 23


- Arizona's defense may score a TD. They've really stepped it up come the post season.
- Kurt Warner plays good football and throws for 300+ yards.
- Might sound crazy, but Edgerin James may have a significant sighting against the Pit D.
- Larry Fitzgerald is a freak of nature. The number one defense still can't stop a freak of nature. Maybe if the Steelers bring a 10-foot net and implant boobie traps into the field and only activate them when Arizona is on the field...then maybe, but I doubt thats happening.

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