Not This Time

December 15, 2008

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Not This Time

A 1-point win never seemed so mammoth.

Yesterday the Houston Texans defeated the Tennessee Titans 13-12 in front of a jam-packed crowd at Reliant Stadium. With the win the Texans evened their season record at 7-7 and recorded their first 4 game winning streak in franchise history. Playoff chances have been done for weeks, but the Texans are still playing tough and like a team with a lot on the line.

The Titans with the loss snapped a 7-game winning streak against the Texans. A winning streak that had several close finishes. Who could forget Rob Bironas' record setting 8 FG kicks (the last 1 to win the game) or Steve McNair's game-winning drive and touchdown pass to Drew Bennett or the ever painful 35 yard game ending run by Vince Young in overtime.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher decided to go for it on a 4th and 3 (which would have been a 50 yd field goal attempt by Rob Bironas) with just a little over a few minutes to play in the game. Tennessee went with a pass play, but Kerry Collins and the offense did not succeed. After the game, Fisher told reporters the reason he didn't have Bironas out there was because they were facing the wind and they 'were about 5 yards from Bironas' favorable spot'. I'm not so sure if I believe Fisher fully on his comments, but even great head coaches make mistakes.

Ironically on the 4th and 3 play, Titans star defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was injured when his left leg was caught under the pile. A few of the Titans players said the Texans acted a little harsh during Haynesworth's injury. Why is this ironic? Because Haynesworth was the same player that had 'suspicious' hits against Texans quarterback Matt Schaub before last season in the same stadium! (Reliant Stadium). Official diagnosis of Haynesworth's injury has not been released, but the replay was not too pretty. Titans will need him by their first playoff game!

Finally, I would like to apologize for not having my weekly prediction post up this past week. I had internet problems on top of being busy with other things. I got the internet situation fixed Sunday morning, I had minimal time before the noon games and the Texan game and I didn't want to rush and put a crap post up. My apologies to my 3 readers out there. Sadly I DID have the Texans winning this game in my yahoo! predictions, but what can you do. Since no predictions were made, I also won't have a Fallout Report this week either. But rest assure I'll still continue to post new stuff from now till Friday's Week 16 predictions (and boy will it be a big week in the NFL!).

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