NFL Week 13 Predictions

November 27, 2008

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NFL Week 13 Predictions

Happy Thanksgiving all. The NFL is already in its 13th week of the season (hard to believe isn't it?). I went 3-1 in Week 12 (without any assistance from the Crypt Keeper once again, mind you). Since I've had luck with out any help from a Crystal Ball or a Crypt Keeper, I'll go at my picks alone again this week and hope the wins keep on coming! So let's dig in!

Overall Record: 18-14
Last Week: 3-1

1) Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

Out of the 3 NFL games on the Thanksgiving slate this year, this is the most 'intriguing'. The Eagles at 5-5-1 are in deep jeopardy of losing any playoff hopes if they lose a single game/s for here on out. The Cardinals (7-4) on the other hand are safe as they play in a weak NFC West Division. So what gives in this game? Donovan McNabb got benched last week for the first time in his career in a surprising move by coach Andy Reid. Will he come back and play good football or will he continue to slide? McNabb is playing for the Eagles' and himself as a future Eagle here in this game. At 33, McNabb has not played like the Donovan McNabb of old. I read a stat that said the Eagles are 4-0 all time when playing on Thanksgiving, but stats are in the past. I think after a hard fought game with the Giants at home last Sunday that the Cardinals will fly into Philly and hand the Eagles a loss. I take Kurt Warner and Arizona in this one.

Winners - Arizona Cardinals

2) New York Giants @ Washington Redskins

A re-match from opening night this season. The Redskins need a win to stay alive in the playoff race in the NFC while the Giants continue to play good-tough drag-em-out winning football. Usually I don't favor the same team (in the same division) when they play a second time in a season, but the Giants are just a team that can pound the run and stop you on defense. This team is playing like a team destined to go to another Super Bowl. This will be a costly loss for the Skins, but I'll go with the New York Giants in this contest.

Winners - New York Giants

3) Denver Broncos @ New York Jets

I honestly didn't think the Jets could beat the Patriots and at the time undefeated Titans...back to back. But they proved me wrong. Brett Favre is playing great and the Broncos are 25th in pass defense this season. This has the makings of a 'light-em-up' type of game. Running back Leon Washington has also played good ball for the Jets during the winning streak. Broncos are 27th in run defense. What I'm trying to say is...the Jets could and should have a field day with the Broncos defense. Jets with a win could push their record to an impressive 9-3 in the AFC East division possibly giving them more cushion if the Patriots lose to the Steelers. I'll take the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets in this game.

Winners - New York Jets

4) Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

I bet ESPN is stoked to have this game on Monday Night Football this week. Two disappointing 4-7 teams go at it here. Listening to Houston sports talk radio this past week, the fans are still pumped for the first ever MNF game at Reliant Stadium, but it could have been so much more if the Texans could have performed better up to this point. Reliant should be filled or ESPN and management might think twice about bringing Monday Night Football back to Houston anytime soon. Onto the game, both teams have had some good games against each other. The Jaguars are the Texans only other 'real' rivalry in the AFC South. You could say the Titans since they use to be the Oilers...but the Texans have only defeated them 2-3 times. Forget about the Colts (Texans have only won once against them in their franchise). However the Texans have defeated the Jags 5-6 times in their existence. Both teams can forget about the playoffs this season. So really this game will be all about pride. I think the Texans hosting their first ever MNF game will still be pumped and I think they'll take it to the Jaguars early. I'll be a homer here and take the Texans. Do ESPN proud, Houston.

Winners - Houston Texans

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