NFL Week 12 Predictions

November 23, 2008

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NFL Week 12 Predictions

Week 11 is in the books as we roll onto Week 12 in the National Football League. I went 3-1 last week in my picks (picking without any assistance by the Crypt Keeper). With the success of last week, I've decided to go at it alone again this week. I'm feeling confident with my picks this week. Not 'cocky' confident, but...'determined' confident. So with that said, without any shenanigans again, let's get these predictions rock and rollin!

Overall Record: 15-13
Last Week: 3-1

1) Houston Texans @ Cleveland Browns

Two disappointments this season go at it here. The Houston Texans who have had quarterback troubles all season with Matt Schaub going down in Minnesota a few weeks backs to bad decision making by back-up Sage Rosenfels. There's a lot wrong with this team. You can't point a finger on just one thing, there's multiple holes in the Texans offense/defense. The Browns have had similar problems. Quarterback Brady Quinn is slated to start despite suffering a broken finger in Monday Night's game at Buffalo. Both teams (Texans 8-8, Browns 10-6 last season) were expected to reach if not exceed last season's record, etc. Onto the actual game between the two: I see the game being relatively close, but the Texans just don't play well on the road and when they do play well...they don't usually finish. I see the Browns winning a 'squeaker'.

Winners - Cleveland Browns

2) San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys

This is what the Cowboys need. A winnable game at home. The 49ers are 3-7 (2nd though in the NFC West if you can believe that). The Cowboys need to keep winning to stay in the thick of the NFC East. Terrell Owens and Roy Williams should see the ball quite often (start em in Fantasy!) and the Cowboys should roll in this one.

Winners - Dallas Cowboys

3) Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons

The Carolina Panthers are 8-2. Yes 8-2. Their 6-0 when playing at home and they took out the Falcons 24-9 in Week 4. Now the Panthers head into the Georgia Dome to play the 6-4 Falcons. My gut is telling me to pick the Falcons here. They lost a close one to the Broncos last week and I think they'll bounce back this week against a good Panthers team. If this game was in Carolina, I would not pick Atlanta, but it isn't. It'll be interesting to see how Matt Ryan plays against a decent defense in the Panthers. It's been a impressive season for the Falcons so far. I'll take them to win this week.

Winners - Atlanta Falcons

4) New York Giants @ Arizona Cardinals

Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals have glided to a 7-3 record playing in the poor NFC West, but they have some impressive W's on their resume. Kurt Warner is playing like a star in his prime and this team is gearing up for the playoffs. They'll host the defending Super Bowl Champions (who won the Super Bowl in Arizona) and usually I don't pick or favor a East Coast/Wes Coast team when they travel across country, but the Giants are a good team. They run the ball effectively and their the type of defense that can take the Cardinals' game plan and throw wrenches in it with their stiff-physical play. So I'll take Eli and the G-men in this one. Should be a interesting game.

Winners - New York Giants

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