NFL Week 11 Fallout

November 19, 2008

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NFL Week 11 Fallout

Week 11 was one of the more interesting weeks in the NFL this season. A game ended in a 11-10 score for the first time in NFL history, a game ended in a tie and we also saw 'America's Team' get back on track with their star quarterback at the helm. I'll get to that and more as this week's Fallout report kicks off.......riiiiight now!

(I apologize for not having a Week 10 Fallout report last week, my schedule has gotten a tad busier as of late. But don't worry, I'll have my Predictions/Fallout reports on time for the remainder of the NFL season.)

(I also finished 3-1 in my picks this week snapping out of a 3 consecutive 2-2 spell. I picked without the Crypt Keeper and looked what happened! No word on whether the Crypt Keeper will return this Friday on the Predictions, so keep an eye out for that.)

Week 11 Record: 3-1

Overall Record: 15-13

Colts 33 Texans 27

This was a game Houston could have won. However the Texans defense had no answer for the Colts no-huddle offense. Colts have beaten the Texans time and time again doing the exact same thing. Peyton is the maestro and his receivers usually always catch the Texans' corners out of rhythm opening up for open pass plays during no-huddle drives. The Texans aren't going to quit at 3-7, but the season is done. We're on our way to another top 5 draft pick!

Titans 24 Jaguars 14

Everything is working for the Tennessee Titans. They have kept their composure all season. Down 14-3 yesterday to AFC South rivals Jacksonville, they bounced back and continued what they've been doing all season: playing great defense, running the ball, passing with accuracy. I really thought the Jaguars would snap the streak at 9. I also thought Green Bay and Chicago had a shot the weeks before. But time and time again the Titans have proved me wrong. This team has the parts to go all the way. It's clearly shaping up to be a Titans/Giants Superbowl, but it's still way to early to predict that far down the road. We still have several weeks of football to be played.

Steelers 11 Chargers 10

The first 11-10 score in NFL history. A final score that could have been 18-10 if it wasn't for a final call by the referee on an 'illegal pass' by Chargers QB Philip Rivers. Chargers fall to a disappointing 4-6. Things aren't looking good in San Diego!

Cowboys 14 Redskins 10

Tony Romo made his long-awaited return as Cowboys fan rejoiced and Dallas was able to go into Washington and take one from the Redskins. With the win, Dallas split the season series between the two. Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins are basically in a dead heap while the Giants are in first at 9-1. All three teams can pretty much give up on catching the defending Super Bowl Champions.

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