NFL Week 11 Predictions

November 15, 2008

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NFL Week 11 Predictions

Week 11 is off and running after a nail biter of a game on Thursday night football between the Jets and the Patriots. Last week the Crypt Keeper and I went 2-2 yet again. I've gone 2-2 three consecutive weeks, but no worries my Week 11 picks will prosper like flowers in the Spring time. I've decided to get rid of the Crypt Keeper this week and I've also decided to get rid of all the 'shenanigans' that are usually a part of the weekly predictions like the "classic NFL music" etc..Only for the time being though. So let's see how it works out!

Overall Record: 12-12
Last Week's Record: 2-2

1) Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

To me, this is like the Cowboys/Giants game from a couple of weeks ago. No one expected the beat up Cowboys to go into Jersey and defeat the defending Super Bowl Champions. And going into this game hardly anyone thinks the Texans have a shot at beating the Colts. That's because they don't. Their not beating the Colts in Indy. This is a team thats getting healthier each week and a team that is getting hotter as the weeks progress. This should be relatively easy for the Colts as the Texans' season continues to get more disappointing.

Winners - Indianapolis Colts

2) Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Titans have been the best team in football record wise all year now they take their undefeated record into Jacksonville to take on the 4-5 Jaguars. I've picked the Titans to lose the last two weeks in my yahoo picks, but for some reason my gut is picking them again to lose this week. Now if the Titans win again, I'll have to strangle my gut and put it in a choke hold. A couple of reasons I think the Titans could lose this one: 1) Titans will not go undefeated forever. 2) The Jaguars have had some shaky bumps in the road this season and I think the team will play hard for Coach Del Rio this week against Division opponents Tennessee.

Winners - Jacksonville Jaguars

3) San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Did you know the San Diego Chargers are 0-12 all time in the regular season against the Steelers in Pittsburgh? They have defeated the Steel Crew in the post-season, but never the regular season. That was an interesting tidbit I heard on talk radio this past week. Regarding this game, I just don't have a good feeling for picking the Chargers. Their 25th in 2008 in rushing this year and their going against a good Steelers defense. West coast teams tend to have trouble when they travel across country. I know Big Ben is banged up, etc...but I'll go with my gut here and pick the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wave your terrible towels Steeler fans!

Winners - Pittsburgh Steelers

4) Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

Tony Romo makes his comeback on Sunday night as the Cowboy nation hopes Dallas can play like they did before Week 4 and all of last regular-season. This game is huge for the Cowboys. They need to win this game. I think they will. A loss would be crippling especially to a division opponent and especially to rivals Washington. The Cowboys haven't forgotten about the Redskins going into Dallas in Week 4 and literally sucking the time out of the clock in the 4th to deal Dallas their first loss of the season, no. I'm not a Cowboys fan, but coming off a bye, I can't see the Cowboys losing this one. I'll go with the Cowboys.

Winners - Dallas Cowboys

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