NFL Week 10 Predictions

November 09, 2008

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NFL Week 10 Predictions

Weeeeeeek 10 is off and running after the first Thursday night game of the season. The Crypt Keeper and I are coming off a 2-2 Week 9 record. A record we plan to top this week in Week 10. So with that said, without further ado......maestro hit theeeeeeeeeeee music!

Overall Record: 10-10
Last Week's Record: 2-2

*Classic NFL Films music hits*

1) Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans

Last time I checked this was a pick-em in Vegas. The Ravens rough and tough defense heads into Houston to battle the Texans at Reliant Stadium. Houston will be without starting quarterback Matt Schaub for up to a month or beyond with a torn MCL suffered in last week's game against the Minnesota Vikings. Back up Sage Rosenfels will get the call and before I make a prediction for this game. While I was watching the Broncos/Browns game on Thursday night. They showed a graphic for the AFC Playoff Picture and crazy enough...I saw the Texans logo! A long shot, but hey it's Week 10. Still 7 more weeks of football to be played. I'm going to go with the homer pick and pick the Texans here. If this game was being played in Baltimore, I would pick the Ravens in a heartbeat but the Texans have played good at home.

Winners - Houston Texans

2) Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins

When the Seahawks fly across country, they lose.

Winners - Miami Dolphins

3) Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

This is a big AFC East showdown. Both teams are coming off loses. Matt Cassel is 5-3 as a starter which is definitely respectable. The Bills defense is good, but for some reason my gut is telling me to go with the Pats with this one. New England still has veteran players, they still have grumpy old Bill on the sideline who knows the game. This game will be close, but I say Pats win.

Winners - New England Patriots

The Crypt Keeper says......

"First. I want to say I screwed up last week by picking the Skins over the Steelers on Monday Night. Jake is paying me to pick winners not losers and I screwed up. So this whole past I've studied the games, I've studied the possible upsets, I've studied everything! My eye sockets are sore from all the studying and late nights this past week. But thats my dedication! Dedication is something the crystal ball never had! All the crystal ball used was a few seconds of incorrect guessing each Friday, but I...I spent hours and hours for this week so that I could pick a correct upset! So here it is gentlemen and dolls....

Detroit over Jacksonville

You read correctly! Daunte Culpepper will lead the Lions to their first victory of the season and the Bengals will lose to a winless team in consecutive weeks! ahaahahahahaha. Thats it. Hours upon hours of study won't go wrong with this one. The Lions over the Jags, mark it, close the book on it because the Crypt Keeper said so! And with that said ghouls and gentleman, have a deadly Week 10 weekend! ahaahahahhahahaha.

*Classic NFL Films Music ends*

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