NFL Week 9 Predictions

November 01, 2008

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NFL Week 9 Predictions

We fly on our broomsticks to Week 9 in the NFL. Happy Halloween everyone as another week of predictions are here and I for one am feeling a little...confident this week. Why? Because the crystal ball is no longer with us and debuting this week is none other then the infamous Crypt Keeper. He'll pick one game each week as I take care of the rest. Last week I went 2-2, but rest assure my Crypt Keeper and I plan to do better than 2-2 this week. So get out your candy, put your costume on, howl in the wind and maestro hit ze music!

Overall Record: 8-8
Last Week's Record: 2-2

*Classic NFL Films music hits*

1) Houston Texans @ Minnesota Vikings

The Texans are coming off a romp of the Cincinnati Bengals while the Vikings are fresh off a bye. A couple things that scare me being a Texans fan is Adrian Peterson and our run defense and the fact that Minnesota put up 41 points in Week 7 against a Bears defense. However the Texans have a couple things Minnesota fans can worry about: Andre Johnson and Mario Williams. Johnson has been absolutely ferocious as a receiver and Williams has been a sack master. Texans aren't a good road team and thats also a concern, but I'm picking them in this one as they'll win their 4th game in as many weeks getting them back to .500 after dropping their first four.

Winners - Houston Texans

2) Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

Dallas is coming off a ugly-drag-em-out type of game against the Bucs at home last Sunday in which they won 13-9. Cowboys will remain with back-up Brad Johnson as they go into Giants Stadium to face the defending Super Bowl Champions Giants on Sunday. As you look at this's just so much in the favor of the Giants. Their home, their healthier then Dallas and they'll face a deflated team in the Cowboys injury-wise. With that said I pick the G-men in this one. Just too much to overcome if you're the Dallas Cowboys.

Winners - New York Giants

3) Philadelphia Eagles @ Seattle Seahawks

Fans in Philly are loving things as of late as their fighting Phils won the World Series this past week. Closer Brad Lidge went 48/48 in saves I believe as he wins a ring with his teammates. Basically asking Houston "tell me how that --bleep--taste!". I had to...Anyways on to this game. The Eagles won last week over the Atlanta Falcons at home while the Seahawks dominated the 49ers in San Fran. This is another big game for the Eagles in the NFC East. I just don't have that much confidence in Seattle at the moment even with the beating they put on the 49ers in Mike Singletary's debut as 49er's head coach. I'm picking safe here with the Eagles.

Winners - Philadelphia Eagles

The Crypt Keeper says......

"First...I want to thank Jake for finally giving me a chance at these weekly predictions and second with the election coming up...I honestly can say screw both John McCain and Barrraaaccckkk Obama! Yes, Yes. You see...You should vote for me as a write-in vote. Not only do I support lower taxes, but I will come through! Both Obama and McCain have said in their ads and all that botely boo that they'll lower taxes, but they both have back-door tricks! Yes, Yes. I guarantee I would follow through. If any congress or government officials get in my way and says no...well then I'll have to take them out back...and teach them a lesson!


Ahem. Yes, Yes. I'm no slouch, I'll take you out back and teach each and everyone of you a lesson. Thats why I accepted this position in Jake's weekly predictions. I'm going to give you one prediction each week that you might think is crazy! But rest assure, the CRYPT KEEPER is never wrong! I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I ain't got *&^% to lose my friend! I live on the edge! I have all the confidence in the world in this next pick. Take it to the bank, take it to your father, take it to your priest, take it to your friend, take it to your dog and say I'm going to buy you a sweater BECAUSE this pick will be 100% correct. This week's Crypt Keeper prediction is:

Washington over Pittsburgh

Take this pick to the bank. Cash your check and thank me after the game! ahahahhahaha! Washington is favored, but a lot of people think the Steelers are the more favorable team. I say no! I say lower taxes! I say fix the economy! I say Washington! Back to you Jake! ahahhahahahahaha."

Well that was interesting. From what we just read I can't imagine what the Cyrpt Keeper will have in store for later weeks. That will pretty much put the wrap on this edition of the weekly predictions. Week 9 in the 2008 NFL season. I hope you have a glorious sports watching weekend and check back in for Tuesday's Week 9 Fallout report.

*Classic NFL Films Music ends*

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