NFL Week 8 Fallout

October 28, 2008

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NFL Week 8 Fallout

A week filled with late game nervousness and dominant performances. The Texans were the ones doing the prowling as they tore apart the Bengals. 'America's Team' didn't look so sharp, but they found a way to win. The NFL brought a real shootout to London (hopefully no one was hurt!) and Brett Favre didn't look good for the second consecutive week, but thankfully for the Jets, they played the Chiefs. I'll cover those games in this week's Fallout report!

Before I begin, I just want to make something clear. The crystal ball made its return last Friday. I hyped it up, I basically said "yes the crystal ball sucked the past couple weeks, but I have faith in it. It will come back and win this week and every week" yada yada. Well my crystal ball since I started picking has gone 0-3 in its "Upset Picks". It picked the Buccaneers over the Cowboys. Yes, it was a close game, but the Cowboys still won. My best week with the crystal ball picking with me is 2-2. My best week with me picking alone is 3-1. The crystal ball has been nothing but aggravation.

So what I did earlier today rid of my crystal ball. Yep. I not only got rid of it, I mailed it to Australia to my friends' friends' friends' cousins' mothers' friends' aunts' sons' friends' cousins' cousins' great grandmothers' grandsons' friends' uncle. So don't expect to see the crystal ball anymore. BUT I do have a replacement to fill-in for the crystal ball. Yes. He'll debut on this Fridays' Week 9 Predictions on Halloween. He's not a crystal ball, he's not human...he is the Crypt Keeper. I'll be the only person who has a Crypt Keeper picking his picks. The Crypt Keeper is never wrong. He will be the savior of all things good to come in my pick-ems.

Overall Record: 8-8
Last Week's Record: 2-2

Saints 37 Chargers 32

The Saints held off a late-surging Chargers team to win the game. Drew Brees looked as sharp as ever passing for 3 scores. The Saints with the win equal their record as 4-4 while the Chargers go to a disappointing 3-5. This was a very much different game then last season's London game with the Giants defeating the Dolphins 13-10 in a rain-soaked struggle to score points. Saints and Chargers didn't disappoint the fans in attendance.

Jets 28 Chiefs 24

Brett Favre and company barely escape with the victory. The Jets scored with a minute remaining in the game to seal the close victory. If the Jets lost that game, you can imagine the scrutiny Favre would be under having lost to the Raiders and the Chiefs back-to-back. Thankfully for the Jets that's not the case. Chiefs fall to 1-6 and the seat gets a little warmer for coach Herm Edwards--one were to think.

Texans 35 Bengals 6

Matt Schaub was near perfect and so were the Texans in this one. Bengals showed no sign of...well anything after the first half as Houston demolished Cincinnati. Texans have won 3 straight (the first time in Franchise history) as they fly up to Minnesota to take on Adrian Peterson and the Vikings on Sunday. Bengals on the other hand, drop to 0-8 and take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at home as they try to get a win on the board.

Cowboys 13 Buccaneers 9

A ugly win for the Cowboys in this one. But a win is a win is a win in the National Football League. Cowboys needed this win badly as all the other NFC East teams got the W in Week 8. Brad Johnson looked anything, but sharp...BUT...Dallas musters out a win and will face rivals Eli Manning and the New York Giants next week. Should be a...interesting one.

Good week in the NFL as we now head to Week number 9. A few things to make a note of: The Tennessee Titans are still undefeated as they defeat the Colts on Monday night. Colts-Jaguars-Texans are in a 3-way tie in the AFC South. Being a Houston fan just being tied with the Colts is a great feeling even if Peyton Manning and co. are having their struggles. And finally...the NBA regular season returns tonight with a TNT Doubleheader. I'll provide my commentary on the NBA right here throughout the season. That will wrap up this week's Fallout report. I will be back on the football side of things on Friday with my Week 9 Predictions with the debut of the Crypt Keeper.

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