NFL Week 8 Predictions

October 25, 2008

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NFL Week 8 Predictions

We put Week 7 behind us and tackle Week 8. I went 3-1 last week in my picks (without the crystal ball mind you). If you remember I suspended the crystal ball indefinitely last week for acting up and being unsuccessful in its picks. It hung around the clubs, etc..but it did not focus on what I bought it for: .....making football picks! So I suspended it, grounded it from distractions. I'm glad to announce it has acted in line and it will make its comeback tonight in Week 8! After having a long talk with it, I feel like its the right time to bring it back. Even after going a good 3-1 last week, I have faith in my crystal ball. I have faith in its predictions. So without further ado, hit ze music!

Overall Record: 6-6
Last Week's Record: 3-1

*Classic NFL Films music hits*

1) San Diego Chargers @ New Orleans Saints

Saints are slated to be the home team in this one as the NFL heads overseas to play at London's Wembley Stadium for a second consecutive season. Giants and the Dolphins played last season in a soggy-rainy affair at 'legendary' Wembley. I remember going into that game a lot of people were like wow "Giants-Dolphins" is what we brought overseas?! Turns out...we brought the Superbowl Champions over there. Just shows any team can take the prize at the end of the tunnel. Especially this season with the NFL being more unpredictable and 'topsy curvy'. This game features two disappointments so far this season. Things however are looking worse for the Saints as lead running back Reggie Bush suffered cartilage damage in his knee against the Panthers last week. The Saints have also lost all 3 away from the Superdome. For some gut is thinking the Saints, but I'm going to pick safe here and go with the healthier team and pick San Diego.

Winners - San Diego Chargers

2) Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets

Jets are coming off an overtime loss to the Raiders last Sunday in which the offense had the ball 3 times in the extra quarter, but still could not muster any points. Brett Favre did not look good and was in the news this week with the whole Matt Millen Lions/Packers play-scheme swap accusation in which Favre denied. If I were the Jets I would want my quarterback to be in the news for practicing and game-planning for the Chiefs for Sunday. Speaking of the Chiefs, KC lost both their starter and back up quarterbacks last week. So third stringer Tyler Thigpen will get the start for the 1-5 Chiefs. Larry Johnson will not be available due to the on-going investigation following a Oct. 10 night club incident, in which Johnson allegedly told a woman he was going to kill her boyfriend then spat in her face. Not much good going on with the Chiefs. I'll take the Jets in this one.

Winners - New York Jets

3) Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans

The Texans will face a second winless team in as many weeks when they host the Bengals this Sunday at Reliant Stadium. Texans got out to an early 21-0 lead against the Lions before letting Detroit creep back in making the final score 28-21 Houston. Texans won the game, but as a fan of the was quite scary toward the end. If the Lions played a decent first half along with the second half they played, we might be sitting here today talking about the Lions first victory. With that said Texans are 10 point favorites here. I've seen a few people across the web say how the Bengals will win the game. Not 'could' or 'maybe' but 'WILL'. All I have to say is good luck. Bengals have talent, they just haven't been able to have a decent chemistry this season. This is a team that just a few seasons ago was in the playoffs facing the Steelers. Carson Palmer could be out for the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick will get the start. Texans' fans know that a few seasons ago Fitzpatrick made a huge comeback when he played for the Rams against the Texans. That was a tough loss. With that said I'm picking the Texans. Bengals go to a tough 0-8.

Winners - Houston Texans

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

My crystal ball is back! The upset special portion was scrapped from last week's predictions due to the crystal ball's suspension, but after a lengthy talk and a few laughs the crystal ball has promised not to act up and has promised to get this week's upset special pick correct. Dallas has tumbled the past couple weeks with its injuries and an embarrassing loss to the Rams last week. Brad Johnson didn't look good against St.Louis as he made his first start in quite some time. He'll get the start again as Romo is not expected to return until mid-November. Dallas will face a good Tampa Bay team. Some could say Tampa could be favored in this game after everything Dallas has been through the last couple of weeks. Tampa does have the better record. Their coming off a drumming of the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football last week. I looked into my crystal ball and I saw the score and I saw the future. "Pleasant" is not a word that describes Cowboy fans' mood next week. My crystal ball is back. My crystal ball picks Tampa Bay!

Winners - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Those are my picks for Week 8 in the NFL. After going 3-1 last week, I'm hoping to go 3-1 or a perfect 4-0 this week. My crystal ball and I are confident though in our picks. I've regained my faith in my crystal ball and more importantly...I've regained faith in my prediction skills....for now. Should be an interesting week in the NFL. I know I say that every week, but every week there's something new to talk about. There's always 'something'. Its what makes the NFL and sports in general fun to follow.

Anyways that'll do it for this weeks' NFL predictions. I make 4 picks each and every Friday throughout the remainder of the NFL season. I also have a "Fallout" report which I do every Tuesday also throughout the remainder of the season in which I review the most interesting games from the week. That'll just about wrap it up for this week, thanks for reading. Have a tremendous football watching weekend and don't forget to stock up on candy for Halloween next week!

*Classic NFL Films music ends*

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