NFL Week 7 Fallout

October 21, 2008

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NFL Week 7 Fallout

Week 7 is officially in the books as Tuesday, the 21st of October rolls around today. This week's Fallout report will cover the most interesting games from the week 7 slate in the National Football League. The alarm is going off in Big D as the Cowboys struggle for the second week in a row to find a win, the Vikings put up 41 in a loss, and Brett Farve gets the ball three times in overtime against the struggling Raiders, but can't chip any points in. I'll cover those happenings....right now!

Rams 34 Cowboys 14

Going in to this game, I was not alone. A lot of people thought even without Tony Romo at the helm that the Cowboys could come away with a win. Even after all the chaos of injuries, the Roy Williams acquisition and the suspension of Adam Jones. I mean we're talking about a bad Rams team...right? Well...ever since a couple of weeks ago since St.Louis fired Scott Linehan and brought in defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, this team has responded in a positive way. The Week 6 game between the Rams and Redskins was a game of mishaps on the Redskins part. What I think most people overlooked (including myself) was the RAMS in that game and just blamed that loss on Washington's turnovers.

Anyways, back to Week 7. It looked like the Cowboys were going to do just fine after scoring first and taking a 7-0 lead after a Marion Barber rushing touchdown. The Rams then took their first turn on offense and took control of the game shortly after that. Bulger threw a dart to receiver Donnie Avery for a big gain and a touchdown to tie the score. All havoc then broke loose for "America's team" as Steven Jackson then ran the ball at ease for 3 touchdowns and the Rams clobbered the Dallas Cowboys 34-14. New acquisition Roy Williams had zilch receptions and star receiver Terrell Owens had a mere 2 for 31 yards. The road does not get easier for Dallas as they have to host the red-hot Buccaneers at home in Week 8. Huge game for Dallas. A win could relieve some of the pressure, but a loss could fire up the "Fire Wade Phillips" even more then they are at the moment. Would just be an ugly scene if that happens for Cowboys fans.

Bears 48 Vikings 41

This game was like a Madden video game. Bears and Vikings both went out of their element and cranked out the points in bunches Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field. This was a game that the Vikings most likely could have won if quarterback Gus Frerotte didn't throw 4 interceptions. That's 4 possessions the Vikings could have scored on. Imagine that. Vikings score 41 even with 4 interceptions. The NFL is crazy. On the other side, Kyle Orton continues to impress by going 21-32 for 283 yards stringing along 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. Very entertaining game if you like offense. Who would have thunk it going in with these two teams, but as this season shows alone...anything can happen in the National Football League. Adrian Peterson rushed for 2 touchdowns and 121 yards in a losing effort. Both teams head into their respective Byes.

Raiders 16 Jets 13 (OT)

The Raiders' woes looked like it would continue Sunday afternoon after Jay Feely and the Jets tied the game at 13 to force the game into overtime. On top of that the Jets won the coin toss giving Brett Farve and company the ball. CBS showed a stat that said Favre had 30 something comebacks either in the 4th quarter or in over-time. Not surprising. It was too bad however that Favre looked lethargic for the majority of the game. Jets were unable to score on their first over-time possession giving it away to the Raiders in front of fans hungry for a Raiders win. 10 minutes of game-play later...neither team still could not muster even a field-goal. It was like watching who wanted to lose the most. Finally, after a couple of big passes from quarterback JaMarcus Russell, the Raiders were able to give kicker Sebastian Janikowski a 57 yard attempt. A miss would have given the inept Jets offense good field position, but Janikowski had other thoughts as he kicked a picture perfect kick right down the up-rights giving the Raiders a win.

Patriots 41 Broncos 7

The Patriots looked like the team of last season with Tom Brady at the helm. Matt Cassel redeemed himself after a bad loss against San Diego throwing for 3 touchdowns against a bad Denver defense. The Broncos had a total of 5 turnovers (2 int, 3 fumbles). You could be playing the Bengals or the Lions and still lose if you turn the ball over 5 times. Randy Moss had 2 touchdown receptions for the Pat squad as they roll over and thrash the Denver Broncos. RB Sammy Morris ran for 138 yards and a score. New England was favored, but not by much. Broncos leave New England now having lost 3 of their last 4 games and have to be scratching their heads as they go back to the drawing board. Patriots win their 5th straight Monday Night game in a 41-7 rout of the Denver Broncos.

It was an interesting week in the NFL world. That will wrap up this week's Fallout report. Before I conclude, it has come out that the 49ers' have canned head coach Mike Nolan. Nolan went 18-37 in a little over 3 seasons as head coach of the Niners. Assistant head coach Mike Singletary will take his place for the rest of the season. San Francisco is 2-5 heading into Week 8. We'll see how the 49ers' pan out now with Singletary taking over the helm. With that said, I'll be back on Friday and every Friday with my 4 predictions of the week and next Tuesday and every Tuesday throughout the remainder of the NFL season with my weekly Fallout report.

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