NFL Week 7 Predictions

October 18, 2008

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NFL Week 7 Predictions

Week 6 is in the books. I went a ugly 1-3 last week as me and the crystal ball stunk it up. On Tuesday I suspended the crystal ball for 1 week. My crystal ball picked the Patriots over the Chargers on Sunday Night. Not only did the Patriots lose...they got rolled. I don't have the persona of the Houston Texans. I'm not patient. I have the persona of Jerry Jones. I've only been picking for 2 weeks going on to my third this week, but my crystal ball was already on a short leash after week 1 for picking the Texans over the Colts.

So no crystal ball this week. I'm going to use my own prediction powers this week. If the crystal ball behaves, I'll let him out for Week 8. If he acts up like Pacman...then well...I'm not afraid to suspend him for say...a month or so. I mean....I just can't have distractions in my pick ems. My crystal ball hangs around the clubs. That little thing gets women left and right, but it does not get picks right because its head is not in predictions. Thats why he's suspended this week. I went Roger Goodell on his ass. But anyways I regress. Ahem. Week 7 is upon us. I can feel it. Hit ze music!

Overall Record: 3-5

Last Week's Record: 1-3

*Classic NFL Films music hits*

1) Dallas Cowboys @ St.Louis Rams

Dallas coming off a tough loss against the Cards try to redeem theirselves against a Rams team coming off a big upset win in Washington. Tony Romo is a question mark, but Romo or no Romo...I still can't see the Cowboys losing this one. I wouldn't be surprised if new addition Roy Williams gets in the mix early with a touchdown reception or a few big receptions. Rams aren't the greatest team either. The Redskins last week had several turnovers giving the Rams the score or good field postion. Turnovers kill good teams as well. I pick the Cowboys in this one.

Winners - Dallas Cowboys

2) Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

One team is coming off a blowout loss while the other lost in the closing seconds. Honestly...this was a tough pick. Do you go with the team that got stomped last week or the team that barely loss? It's a toughie. I'm going to go with the gut though and pick the Ravens. Baltimore's defense will prevail here. Might be an ugly low-scoring dragout of a game. Flacco needs to not turn the ball over to give the defense and the rest of the team some breathing room. This is a game either team can take on paper, but like I said I pick Baltimore in this. Now I hope I'm right.

Winners - Baltimore Ravens

3) Detroit Lions @ Houston Texans

Lions lost by 2 last week against the Minnesota Vikings. Lions QB Dan Orlovsky stepped out of the endzone for a safety in the first half. There's your two points Detroit! If it wasn't for that safety, the Minnesota Vikings would to have gone for a touchdown to win instead of a field goal. As Homer on the Simpsons goes..."Doh!". Let's face facts here...the Detroit Lions are not a good football team. HOWEVER...the Houston Texans do have to be careful not to take any team for granted. Texans are around 9 point favorites in this game. The Texans have NEVER been favored by that much in their young history. Texans do not need to showboat going into this game like their automatically going to win. This is a 1-4 team we're talking about. I'm not sure if the Texans will cover the spread, but I'm picking them to atleast win in this spot.

Winners - Houston Texans

4) Cleveland Browns @ Washington Redskins

Since the crytal ball is indeed suspended, there will be no "Upset Special" this week. I guess you can call my pick for the Ravens winning an upset since Miami is favored....but no major upset pick like my crystal ball tries to pick each week. Why? Because I'm better then that. I don't...

*hears knocking at the closet door*

Crystal ball?!

*the door cracks open a little bit*

Who's there?

*PSHHHHHHHH. Magic smoke flies everywhere*

What in the world...

(in a deeply mannered voice from above)

*JAKEEEEEEEEE. Let the magic give you wings in Week 8!*

Excuse me?

*All of a sudden, the smoke and dust vanish as the closet doors quickly closes*

That was weird...

*opens the closet to see the Crystal Ball resting where it was before*


When I bought the crystal ball the owner said there would be side effects, but that just scared the crap out of me. Week 8? Psh...I don't need no help in my predictions. Week 8...psh. Anyways where was I? Oh yes...the Browns at the Redskins. Browns are coming off a huge upset win over the Giants on Monday Night. But something tells me that the Redskins are going to avenge their bad loss against the Rams at home last week and take this one against the Browns. I'm not riding the Browns just yet.

Winners - Washington Redskins

That will do it for this week. I hope to do better then 1-3 and 2-2. We'll see how things work out. A few interesting match-ups to follow this Sunday. I'll be back on Tuesday for my Fall-Out report as I cover the most interesting games on the Week 7 slate. I'll also be back next Friday and every Friday for my 4 predictions of the week. I bid you ado and a happy football watching weekend!

*Classic NFL Films music ends*

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