NFL Week 5 Fallout

October 07, 2008

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NFL Week 5 Fallout

It was an interesting week in the National Football League. A few surprises, a big meltdown by one team and one bruised and battered team found a way to win a big prime-time game. Let's get right to it--game by game.

Titans 13 Ravens 10

This game turned out to be exactly what everyone thought it would be: A slug out between two of the top tier NFL defenses. Titans found a way to win late with Kerry Collins leading Tennessee 80 yards to score in the 4th. A 11 yard strike to Alge Crumpler proved to be the difference with 1:56 remaining in the game. Both Quarterbacks had around the same stats, but Collins one uped Flacco with a TD which was the game. What this game tells me is that both teams are similar in their approach, but Titans are just slightly a better team. They hung in there and found a way to win. Tennessee now stands at 5-0, not sure if anyone predicted that start by the blue crew. I know I didn't.

Panthers 34 Chiefs 0

If DeAngelo Williams was on your fantasy team you got a big bag full of points. The RB rushed for 2 TDS and also caught a TD. A total of 148 yards on the ground and receiving combined. Chiefs after coming off a big upset win over the Denver Broncos failed to get anything consistent going all game. Larry Johnson was held to a dismal beyond dismal (did I say dismal?) 2 yards rushing. If your lead back has 2 yards rushing, you're not winning. Unless your back up picks up the slack.

Bears 34 Lions 7

And to think I actually thought Detroit had a shot at this game. Kyle Orton set career highs in front of the boo-birds and distraught fans at Ford Field in Detroit Sunday afternoon. Orton threw for 334 yards hitting the deflated Lions defense with blow after blow going 24-34 for the day. The Bears had a total net yardage of 425. Yes you read that correctly. Lions at 0-4 might not have a win in awhile their schedule is quite tough:

Week 6 - @ Vikings
Week 7 - @ Texans
Week 8 - Redskins
Week 9 - @ Bears
Week 10 - Jaguars

The only game I see them having a chance at is the Texans. It hurts saying that being a Texans fan, but I'm just not confident with our product. I'll get to that later when I get to the Colts/Texans game. But yes the Bears have looked pretty good this year going 3-2. Orton has impressed me the last couple of weeks.

Falcons 27 Packers 24

Matt Ryan kept his composure and he and the Atlanta Falcons went to legendary Lambeau Field and defeated the Green Bay Packers. I had a feeling this could be an upset with Rodgers questionable for the game, but I still went with Green Bay in my pick ems to be safe. Should have went with my gut! Anyways Matt Ryan completed 16 out of 26 passes, 2 for touchdowns along with 1 interception. Aaron Rodgers played through pain and had quite a game going 25-37 for 313 yds along with a trio of touchdowns and a single interception, but it wasn't enough to beat the Falcons who went to 3-2 on the season. RB Michael Turner had a good game rushing 26 times for 121 yards scoring once. The thing that intrigues me with the Falcons is that no one had high expectations for them entering the season. If they lose, it's not like the Dallas Cowboys losing for example (exaggeration, but you get my drift)they have flexibility. They can take risks without suffering the harsh media scrunity of the media after losing a game unlike the top tier teams who are suppose to win week in and week out. Atlanta will be a fun team to watch for the remainder of the season. As a NFL fan hopefully they can compete better on the road and if they play like they did in Green Bay then they could finish with a pretty decent record for their expectations.

Colts 31 Texans 27

Alright...time to relive misery. I was thinking about skipping this game, but I know my 0.2 readers want to get my thoughts on it. This was the most painful Texans game I've seen and I've seen all of them from the start of the franchise. This topped the Titans game from a couple seasons ago when Vince Young scored a touchdown at Reliant in overtime. This game will go down in Texans history as one of the biggest if not the biggest meltdown. Texans led 27-10 with 4 mins left. I was all giddy thinking to myself "Wow..could this get any better?! We're beating a team that has OWNED us ever since we were in existence". But then the game reached the last 3 mins and all hell broke loose. It was like a pack of vicious dogs ate my heart out and threw it up on the floor and then ate it again. I was on the verge of tears. I even laughed out of sadness. Thats how bad this game was. Sage lost the game for Houston. I love Sage and I hate to say that, but he literally threw away the game with 3 turnovers in the last 3 mins. Just a crazy turn of events. Colts didn't do anything special the Texans were just nice and Sage was the one who I guess...felt generous enough to give the Colts a gift. I know Christmas is still a couple months away...but I guess Sage was in the giving mood already. I can't wait to see Schaub or him do it again. Maybe we'll just give up at halftime and go home one game. Who knows. Anyways enough with the joking. Colts win scoring 21 in the 4th. Peyton went 25-34 going for 247 equaling for 2 TDS along with a interception. RB Steve Slation had a pair of rushing TDs for the Texans. Several Texans had good games, but yeah. Moving on.

Dolphins 17 Chargers 10

Say it ain't so! Miami wins back to back games. Doubling their record from what it was a season ago already. Ronnie Brown scored a touchdown from another Direct Snap and Miami played tough D all game long to upset the visiting San Diego Chargers. Brown on the day rushed 24 times for 125 yards and a score. Chad Pennington threw for 228 yards and a touchdown. On the Chargers side, LT was held to 35 yards and Philip Rivers passed for 159 yards and one TD strike coming from ex-Dolphins WR Chris Chambers who stared down the crowd after catching it in the 3rd. However it was the Dolphins who were the ones staring at a W at the end of the game. (Hopefully that wasn't too lame of a line)The train moves on!

Giants 44 Seahawks 6

The score says it all. Giants played near flawless ball as they pound the Seahawks. If you thought Chicago's net yardage was big the Giants topped it. 523 total net yards for Eli and crew as they make Seattle look like a unexperienced football team. Brandon Jacobs ran for 2 TDS, Eli passed for the same and that is all she wrote in this one.

Redskins 23 Eagles 17

It looked like the Philadelphia Eagles were going to blow Washington out in the 1st after scoring 14 unanswered, but they come! Redskins off 3 consecutive unanswered FGs from Shaun Suisham in the 2nd cut the gap to 14-9 Eagles. Redskins then took the lead off some trickery as Antwaan Randle El passed to Chris Cooley who scored for a TD (his first of the season)making the score 16-14 Redskins. Then Clinton Portis nailed the coffin shut in the 4th with a 4 yard rushing touchdown. Boom goes the dynamite. Redskins improve to 4-1 while the Eagles slump to 2-3. This was a tough game to predict going into it. Redskins play turnover free football though for the 5th consecutive game and they walk away with the victory. Watch out for the Redskins they are playing some great ball right now.

Broncos 16 Buccaneers 13

Denver found a way to play pretty good defense and they put Tampa Bay in their tracks at home. They have played great at home and this was just what they needed to overcome losing to the Chiefs in Week 4. Jay Cutler passed for 227 yds with a TD overcoming the Bucs good D and improving Denver's record to 4-1 on the year. Tampa Bay falls to 3-2.

Cardinals 41 Bills 17

Kurt Warner bounced back from an awful weekend at the Meadowlands to pick apart the Bills’ defense with short passes, completing 33 of 42 for 250 yards with no interceptions. Nine Arizona receivers had catches. The Cardinals had no lost fumbles or interceptions. Wilson blitzed untouched and leveled Edwards, slamming the second-year quarterback onto his back. Edwards lay on the ground for several minutes before being helped to the sidelines. Bills lose their first game to fall to 4-1 as Arizona goes to 3-2. It'll be interesting to see how the Bills come back after this loss and the injuries. We shall see.

Cowboys 31 Bengals 22

Cowboys blew a big lead, but hold on to win by 9. The Bengals fell to 0-5 for the first time since 2002, when they started 0-7 and finished 2-14. Marvin Lewis took over as coach the following year and didn’t have a losing record until going 7-9 last season. Cincinnati would have to win eight of its remaining 11 games just to break even this time. Yikes! Cowboys win, yes Cowboys win and so we move on.

Patriots 30 49ers 21

Faulk rushed for two scores, Cassel had 259 yards passing and the Patriots won in San Francisco for the first time in franchise history, beating the 49ers 30-21 Sunday afternoon. New England kept the ball for more than 32 minutes in the first three quarters, while Mike Martz’s Niners offense couldn’t get a first down during a 36-minute stretch spanning the middle periods. J.T. Sullivan had 3 TDS yet also had 3 ints for the Niners in a 9 point loss to the Patriots.

Steelers 26 Jaguars 21

Roethlisberger threw for 309 yards and three touchdowns, helping the Steelers overcome their offensive woes and leading them to a 26-21 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday night. Roethlisberger finished 26-of-41, rebounding from an interception on his third pass that Rashean Mathis returned 72 yards for a score. Pittsburgh (4-1) snapped a four-game losing streak against Jacksonville. Mewelde Moore, filling in for Parker, ran 17 times for 99 yards.

Vikings 30 Saints 27

Gus Frerotte passed for 222 yards and a game-tying touchdown to Bernard Berrian with 7:10 to play, and Ryan Longwell’s 30-yard field goal with 13 seconds left gave the Vikings the comeback win. Martin Gramatica missed a potential game winning field goal with 2 mins left in the 4th. He also missed one in a couple weeks ago in Denver that could have potentially given the Saints the win. So I'm not in New Orleans, but Gramatica is probably getting ripped on local sports talk radio. The life of a kicker how sad.

Anyways that will do it for my NFL Week 5 Fallout report. I will be back on Friday with my Week 6 predictions of the week. Don't miss it! Be squared or be something! Thanks for reading if you have, this took quite some time to type. NFL Week 5 is in the books as we look ahead to Week 6 in the National Football League.

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