NFL Week 5 Predictions

October 04, 2008

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NFL Week 5 Predictions

First off, I want to introduce myself. My name is Jake, I live in Houston. I'm glad I found this place. I've read a lot of bloggers material today from predictions to their favorite teams' rants, it's great. I enjoyed it. Sports, baby sports!

Okay here's the layout I'm going to do for the remainder of the season. I'm going to pick 4 games each week and break them down/predict them. I'm currently in a pick em league over on Yahoo and I'm currently 33-27 overall heading into Week 5. I haven't done as good as I have liked to this point. It may be me, but NFL and especially College has been very hard to pick this season. I'm talking about picking the spreads as well in College, it's brutal. But no worries on the NFL side because I'm poised to get back and nail more W's on my W-L total. I'm determined to get the 4 games I post here in a moment correct. So sit back and take notes and take these bad boys to Vegas. (jk of course)

Anyways with that out of the way it's time to get on with my picks for Week 5!

*Drum Roll* please....

*Classic NFL Films music hits*

1) Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens

This is why the NFL Sunday Ticket was invented. This has the makings of a great game and like that Sunday Ticket commercial goes with Jimmy Kimmel: "The Browns and Bengals had a TD fest through the air....and guess what? You probably missed it because you don't have Sunday Ticket!". Anyways this is one of the tougher picks of the week for me. The Titans are unbeaten going against another great defense in the Ravens. Many people are saying the Titans will win this game because for one: "their the better team" and two: Ravens are coming off a hard fought Monday Night game against the Ravens. Well I personally think the Ravens will win this game because I believe the adrenaline from Monday nights game will carry over to this week. Flacco did make a few mistakes against the Steelers, but he showed great poised. I'm taking Baltimore in this one.

Winners - Baltimore Ravens

2) Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys

How bout em Cowboys?! Well they didn't look too hot last week against the Washington Redskins. Very surprised at the outcome of that game, but the Redskins are playing good ball. The NFC East is the best Division in the NFL at the moment by far. The Division as a whole is 11-4. Not bad if I say so myself. Anyways back to the game. The Cowboys lose last week and look ahead to this week as the Cincinnati Bengals come to Big D aiming for their 1st victory. Bengals are bad. 0-4 is bad. Yes they came close to beating the defending Super Bowl Champions, but they didn't. "Good teams win the close games" as they say and the Bengals...well Bengals aren't good. 31st in Offense, 29th in Passing, 30th in Rushing, and a sort of decent 19th in defense. Decent for what the Bengals are known for on defense anyways in the past. Looking at both teams stats will tell this game alone. But throw the stats out the window for this one. I don't see the Cowboys losing back-to-back in Dallas to any team. I'm not predicting a blow out (which it could), I'm just predicting a Dallas win here. Chalk it up.

Winners - Dallas Cowboys

3) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

A battle of two teams that met twice last season (one in the regular season/one in the post season) with Jaguars taking both in Pittsburgh. I still remember the regular season game last season between these two with the snow falling, what a game. Fast forward to now and you have a Steelers team banged up. Willie Parker is still out and back-up Rashard Mendenhall is done for the season with a fractured shoulder received against the Ravens. Gary Russell and Najeh Davenport were re-signed by the Steel men to pick up the scraps in the running game with Mewelde Moore starting this Sunday against the Jags. These two teams know each other, that's no secret. I have a gut feeling however that the Steelers will come out on top in this one. I have four reasons. (Yes four!) 1) Just like the Ravens, I think the adrenaline will carry over from Monday Night. 2) Good teams find ways to win with injuries. Steelers are a Super Bowl caliber team by many, this will be a good test. 3) The Houston Texans horrible defense were able to stop Taylor/Jones pretty nicely last week. I think the Steelers review what the Texans did and try to copy it. 4) Three out of the last 4 Sunday Night Games the upset has won. That's right. Every Sunday Night game besides the Packers/Cowboys, the upset team has won. And I have a little superstition in me. I'm picking the Steelers in this one.

Winners - Pittsburgh Steelers

4) Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

I bet you don't know who I'm picking with the BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that say UPSET SPECIAL right above the game huh? Anyways on paper, the Colts out-match the Texans in almost every position. From Manning to Schaub to the ruffled Texans defense as of late. Manning and company have only lost 1 TIME to the Texans in the Texans history and that was by a game winning field goal. So the Colts know how to beat the Texans. They have crippled the Texans in the past. Oh and not to mention the Colts are coming off a BYE whereas the Texans lost a close, hard-fought game to rivals Jacksonville in overtime last week. Doesn't look good for Houston. Hasn't looked good for Houston all season (0-3). Will the sun ever come out? Well I have my crystal ball in my hand and IT DOES. The sunshine does shine for the Texans in Week 5! I was stunned myself when I looked into it. I had to look twice to make sure I saw the score right. So therefore I'm taking the Houston Texans. It's their long awaited home opener. I'm hoping my crystal ball isn't malfunctioning or I'll have to take it back to the crypt. But my crystal ball has never been wrong! It's never been used! Until now!

Winners - Houston Texans

Those are my 4 picks for the week. Week 5 in the NFL. Should be an interesting one. I hope you sit back and relax as you watch the games this Sunday. Don't be surprised if I'm 4-0 as I make my picks next Friday. (Don't be surprised if I'm 1-jhg-- eith--) Ahem..Anyways..I want to thank you for reading my first blog. I'll be back with my picks next Friday as well as every Friday. I'm planning on doing a Week 5 recap as well early next week after all the games of the week have taken place. And don't forget but the NBA preseason kicks off next week as well. I'm pumped for that also as the regular season gets closer and closer.

*Classic NFL Films Music ends*

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