How else can I make money from my blog?

July 16, 2008

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How else can I make money from my blog?

In addition to Google Ads, there are quite a few other ways that you can earn revenue from your blog.

Keep in mind that all of the techniques mentioned below will work much better once you've established your blog and have a good sized following.  In the early stages of your blog you are much better off spending time trying to network / market / and write new blog posts then you are trying to optimize your earnings and squeeze every penny out of the traffic you have.

There are several other companies that offer similar banners to blog owners and website publishers.  Two good ones are:

There are three banner slots that you control on your blog page all of different sizes: 728 pixels x 90 pixels, 160x600, and 300x250.  These are standard sizes that all ad networks have banner code for.  You can put in banner code from any ad network into our Revenue Share - Advanced Banner Upload tool (Note: You must be logged in to use this tool).  Just make sure it is the right size.  One easy thing to do would be to join the other two ad networks above and put in 1 ad from Google, 1 ad from WidgetBucks and 1 ad from Chitika.  This will add variety to your blog ads and may increase your overall earning.  Or you may find that one ad network simply works better for your blog.  The key here is to experiment a little bit so that you start to optimize the traffic you have.

What's known as "affiliate marketing" is another great way to monetize your blog.  Affiliate marketing simply means that you join an affiliate program and earn money when someone clicks from your blog over to the affiliate owner's website and makes a purchase or completes some other action like signing up for a mailing list.  Nearly every company has an affiliate program these days.  Amazon is a great one to join because they are very reputable and offer so many products you're sure to find some that your users will like.  To join Amazon's affiliate program go here:

Once you've joined an affiliate program you can post banners similar to the Google AdSense banners.  Most affiliates will have the standard sizes that you can use on your blog. 

What works best with blogs, however, is to actually do a write up / review of a product and then link to it in the blog post so that your readers can buy it from the affiliate.  You will typically earn between 5% and 10% of the purchase price when someone completes a purchase through your affiliate link.  This works very well because typically you will only be reviewing products that you actually use and really like, so you can write an honest and enthusiastic review.  Your readers are usually people with similar interests to yourself so the post hits a targeted demographic and can result in a good conversion rate.  As an example, suppose you bought the new issue of Sports Illustrated and read a good article that you wanted to comment on.  You could write a blog post commenting on the article and then have an affiliate link to Amazon so people could subscribe to Sports Illustrated through Amazon (yes Amazon sells magazines, too!).  The key here is to look around at the products and services that you use on a daily basis, find an affiliate program that sells the product, and then mention the product and link to it in your blog post.

Taken a step further, once you've established yourself as a blogger with substantial traffic and an interest in reviewing products, companies may approach you and offer to give you a free demo product and ask for a review in exchange.  Depending on how much traffic you have, you can easily charge for this service.  And taken even a step further (again you'll need substantial traffic to make this work) you can join a service link ReviewMe ( which specializes in matching up bloggers with people who want reviews for their products and services.  Prices range but you can typically earn $25-$500 per review depending on how big a following you have on your blog.

Once your blog has been around for a while your blog page will get what's called Google PageRank (PR). Google ranks pages and gives them a score between 1 and 10.  It's a complicated equation but basically more PageRank is good and shows more authority within the Google algorithm.  Google PageRank is freely available for everyone to see so potential advertisers will always look at your PR when they are negotiating a price for advertising on your blog.  The way you increase your PR is getting outside websites to link directly to your blog (see "How can I increase traffic (and revenue) to my blog?").  Once your profile and blog page have a PR4 or greater you will start getting invitations from companies who want to buy text links on your blog page.  Typically you can charge around $10-$25 / month for a small text link.  When you get these requests just let us know and we'll be happy to help you implement these text links so you can make more money.

To check your blog and profile page's PR use this tool:

It usually takes a few months for Google to fully index your blog pages so you shouldn't expect to show any PR for at least a few months.  Our sites are designed to grow your PR as quickly as possible so once Google has found your page and indexed it, you should have a PR1 to PR3 pretty easily, but to get to a PR4 or PR5 you will need to get outside sites to link directly to your blog.

In addition, once your blog has some Google PR you will start to get requests for embedding links into your blog posts. This is usually from ticket brokers. Whether you do this or not is completely up to you, but you can generally earn between $100 to $200 for each embedded link that you provide to a ticket broker.  Often they will want them embedded into an old blog post that you write months ago because that blog post now has some Google PR.  Or sometimes they might even commission a story about a specific sports related subject and ask that you link back to their sites using certain keywords.  Keep in mind that the main thing that determines the price you can charge is the amount of Google PR that your blog has, so if you can get your blog to a PR5 you'll get the upper end of the range, while if your blog is only a PR4 you'll only be able to get the bottom end of the range.  So you should always be out there trying to get people to link to your blog.

Once you've established yourself as a serious blogger you will start to get advertisers contacting you about placing ads directly on your blog page in place of the Google Ads.  This is how you will start to make the most money from your blog.  You'll be cutting out the middle man (Google) and selling directly to the advertisers.  Once again, how much you can charge depends on how big a following you have and how much Google PageRank you have.  Typically you simply need to multiple the amount you're making from Google AdSense by at least 2 or 3 times to arrive at a price (Google takes about half of the revenue earned from AdSense).

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