Where does my blog post appear?

July 16, 2008

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Where does my blog post appear?

When you write a blog post on one of our sports sites your post will appear on your blog page. In addition, the title, your name, and a snippet of your post will appear on the home page of the appropriate team site, giving your post instant exposure. Our system looks for certain keywords like the city name and team name in the "Keywords / tags" section so make sure you use this to accurately define your blog post.  For instance, if you write a blog post about the Yankees, make sure in the "Keywords" box you put "New York Yankees" (without the quotes) so that our system knows what the post is about and can map the post to the home page at http://www.newyorkyankeesnews.com.  You do NOT have to be a member of the Yankees website to have your post show up there.

By writing blog posts on a variety of teams and sports you will get much more exposure because your by-line will end up on many different websites. So try and write on a variety of sports subjects and on a variety of sports teams.

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