How much can I expect to make blogging?

July 16, 2008

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Earn Money Blogging

How much can I expect to make blogging?

If you follow the directions above you will be creating an account with Google's AdSense program and you will be posting three banners on all of your blog and profile pages. From those three banner placements you will earn 100% of the revenue. In addition, as you find other monetization opportunities, like text links (see below), you will be able to earn more money.

The amount you make blogging will be directly proportionate to how much effort you put into your blog. When you first start your blog you will be making very little because you don't have a lot of blog entries and you don't have a following of people reading your blog. If you continue to write an interesting blog people will continue to come back to read what you have to say. Interesting blogs have a way of taking off almost like a spreading virus as people talk about them and tell their friends about them.

The great thing about writing a blog is that once it's written it can potentially earn you revenue forever. So after several months of blogging the number of blog entries that you have written will multiple as will your revenue from them.

If you work hard to build and grow your blog within a year or so you should be able to make $100-$200 per month. While this may not sound like a huge sum of money, it's not bad for doing something that you enjoy. In addition, many bloggers have been known to make lots more than that and have gone on to become "experts" on their topics and earn their entire full time living through their blogs and associated jobs.

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